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Web Solutions

Web Solutions

In the recent past, most of the Client-Server applications are being developed to run on the Internet/ Intranet. Why is it useful to run a program over Intranet?

  • Platform-neutral: Allows you to run the program on any hardware, over any operating system.
  • The central server simplifies client-side administration.
  • Remote access to the company's applications.
  • Publication of new versions of software is easier.

GTI can develop Web based client-server applications using tools like Java, J2E, C++, XML, ActiveX, CGI, HTML, PERL, Crystal Reports and PowerBuilder.

We select the right tools and resources suited to your needs to create interactive applications.

  • Topologies (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI)
  • Protocols (TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI)
  • Interconnecting equipment (hubs, routers, bridges, switches)
  • WAN interconnection (Frame Relay, X.25, PPP, SLIP, ISDN)

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