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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

GTI has many years of experience in the design and development of storage resource management and monitoring tools for both NAS and SAN in multi-platform environment for multiple storage vendors.

  • Multi-path software
  • Automatic fail-over
  • Load balancing
  • Changes in the number of servers, storage
  • Arrays, switches, or routers
  • Graphical and Command Line Interface
  • Storage configuration
  • Creation of Virtual Arrays
  • Storage allocation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Online and Offline Storage backups
  • Logical Storage Units and Raid Groups
  • Remote mirroring
  • Taking data snap at a point of time
  • Non-disruptive software updates
  • Network management
  • Protcols - Fibre Channel, FCIP, iFCP, iSCSI, iSNS, SCSI

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