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Streamlining Network Management. Ensuring Performance, and Reliability Across Your Network Infrastructure.

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Empowering Your Business with Comprehensive Web Solutions: Crafting User-Centric, Scalable, and Secure Online Experiences.

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Storage Management- Optimizing Data Storage for Performance, Security, and Scalability in Your Infrastructure.

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Seamless Multi-Platform Development- Building Versatile Applications for Diverse Devices and OS.

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Performance Engineering: Boosting System Efficiency, Scalability, and Reliability for Optimal Operations and Outstanding Outcomes

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Our Product Maintenance & Quality Assurance services Ensuring Excellence, Reliability & Long-Term Success for Software Solutions and testings.

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What customer says About GTI

Globe Tech, Inc. has played a key role in the competitiveness of our solution for multiple years. The GTI team consistently provided us with a high quality product, on time delivery and sensitivity to the requirements of both internal processes and end-users. The GTI team has unique depth in the area of network protocols. I highly recommend GTI as a provider of networking solutions.

GTI has successfully been doing work in the area of Communication Protocols for us for over five years. We find them to be a very knowledgeful and efficient resource. The GTI team has extensive understanding of protocols in all communication areas including 3G Wireless, VOIP, ATM and many others. Their work is key to the success of several of our protocol analysis products.

Experience, Quality and Quick turn around time makes GTI the optimal resource for our outsourcing needs.

We selected GTI above other, bigger sized companies because of their high standards of integrity, technology intelligence and ability to deliver. They could provide the perfect resources to match our technological needs and required skill sets. They did an excellent job in developing an SNMP Agent and a management application for our FrameRelay access device. We are very satisfied with the quality and on schedule performance of their staff. GTI has been an invaluable resource for our software development needs.

I had worked with GTI at my previous company, Agilent Technology and was very familiar with their exceptional work quality. So, deciding on them for our project at Lucent was a no-brainer. GTI being a small company could focus on our requirements. I have found their work to be very cost effective. They worked remotely but made us fill like the work was being done at our site. That differentiates GTI from other companies.

GTI has proven to be a very good development partner for Transition Networks. Because our project load goes in cycles depending on customer demand, we needed to partner with network management application experts who could develop new converter support on short notice. With GTI we have always received quick response to new project requests. Not only was the lead time short to begin projects, they consistently demonstrated good adherence to committed schedules. Last, when we needed support for adding features or debugging our Focal Point application on a specific new version of an operating system, GTI was always quick to respond and easy to work with. GTI maintains the hardware and software to simulate customer environments that would be too expensive for us to acquire, and relieves us from having to dedicate resources to understand all the operating systems and software versions.

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