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As a sampling, our staff has participated in the following
projects, implementing a wide variety of solutions:

Network Analysis and Monitoring Software

         Enhanced software-only protocol analysis application
running under UNIX, Windows, WindowsCE platforms with
object-oriented protocol decode modules for TCP/IP, SNA,
OSI, IPX, AppleTalk, DECnet, Banyan stacks (data-link-level
to application-level), SNMP, VOIP, Wireless, Security
, Frame Relay, ATM, HDLC etc.. Implemented
an RMON MIB-compliant agent. Created tools for visualizing
multi-dimensional statistics of network traffic in a distributed
graphical environment.

SNMP-manageable Telephone Switch

         Ported an SNMP agent onto an embedded digital
telephone switch running under the VRTX operating system
. Designed a proprietary MIB for configuring and maintaining
switch resources. MIB dispatch functions and internal system
modules were implemented in C++.

Voice over Frame Relay

         Implemented proprietary Voice over Frame Relay
protocol state machine for embedded VxWorks environment.
Interoperability testing with third-party equipment. Completed
product is shipping.

SNMP/RMON-based extensible data collection

         Designed and implemented data collection module for
next-generation SNMP-based network monitoring product.
Completed collection modules for RMON and RMON-2
statistics, protocol and application-layer host groups.
Implementation is in C++ on Windows NT.

Similar application was developed for a switch using JAVA. It
also included displaying of data in different types of charts
and tables.


        Implemented a US GOSIP-compliant OSI stack (datalink,
network, transport) as System V STREAMS pseudo-drivers.
A standard BSD socket and System V TLI library provided
the transport-level API.

Communications Drivers for an Intelligent
Software Switch

Signaling Protocols for ATM Switches

         Implemented a new set of protocols using non
associative signaling on variety of switches including FORE
SX-200, GCNS and MINT (AT&T proprietary). Designed this
protocol to be hardware independent and to facilitate
transparent connections across heterogeneous switches.
Also developed video conferencing and video servicing
interface for demonstrating usefulness of signaling protocols
over ATM.

ISDN Layer 2 and Layer 3, Q.921 and Q.931

         Designed and developed ISDN (Q931-user) layer 2 and
layer 3 on CTOS platform, which is a client-server-based
operating system. Developed tools for automated
conformance testing at the user end. Developed and
implemented system test scripts for Q931 using IDACOM
(now HP) PT-300 analyzer. Automated user-end scripts using
the conformance tester program developed. Also designed

MIB database for SNMP to work with layer 3 and layer 4.

IP over ATM

         Created TCP/IP network over FORE switches which
allows IP traffic to go over ATM lines using SPANS signaling
and proprietary signaling. Release maintenance of TCP/IP
for 3B2 for AT&T.

Object Oriented GUI Tools for Network Management
and Monitoring Products

Network Implementation and Evaluation

         Evaluation and Di-installation of LAN/WAN Networks,
including Routers and Bridges. First hand experience with
Bay Network's routers, using T1, using SNMP for querying
MIB database. Using Lan analyzers for protocol trouble

Web Based Client Server Products

        Designed and developed Office Resources
Management System
implemented over company's Internet/
Intranet. This web based tool allows the users to access the
application using their Internet browsers. The application
reads the incoming data and dynamically creates HTML
output, which is sent back to the user's browser. This Client
Server application uses ODBC to connect to the Data Server.




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