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  Development Process

After years of software development work, GTI has created a
matured process management methodology. It ensures the
quality at all stages of development process as follow:

1. Business Modeling and Requirement
         When we receive RFP, an appropriate project manager
is assigned to prepare the proposal for the project. The
understanding and defining the requirement is the first part of
the process. The core of the proposal is the work load

2. Software Requirements Analysis and Design
         After successfully defining the project, our project
managers immediately start working on the analysis and
design of the system. In order to keep a consistent
understanding of requirement with the client, we provide use
case diagram or static prototype. While designing the
system, our project manager and engineers stay in touch with
the customer to make sure of the correctness.

3. Software Project Planning
         After getting approved of the analysis and design from
the client, our project managers and development team drafts
a development plan for the project including the team
members, their tasks, milestones and timeline. They include
time for unit, module and system testing to assure the quality.

4. Implementation
         This is the stage where the project actually takes off. The
core task in this phase is to develop program on the basis of
the design and planning. Every milestone is delivered to the
client with the required deliverables like source code, binary
programs, testing instructions and test data.

5. Test
         Along with the module and system design, we make the
test plans. Testing is done on individual units, Modules and
the entire system. The Unit Tests go with the whole
development process. In order to ensure high quality of the
code, every module include corresponding testing code. The
System Integration Test is the major work in the testing phase.
Testing is done using the customer data or generated or
simulated data.

6. Maintenance
         The maintenance phase covers system maintenance
including technical and user level support, fixes, and changes
according to the new requirements. It also includes moving to
new operating systems, database or language. New
application feature enhancements are planned at this stage,
and are developed and executed accordingly.





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