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Network Management Solutions

Custom SNMP Agent Development

        Any network device can be made remotely manageable
by embedding a Simple Network Management Protocol
(SNMP) Agent. The SNMP agent is responsible for handling
remote configuration, maintenance and management
requests from Network Management Stations (NMS) made
by different companies. Your equipment (hubs, bridges,
routers, switches, modems, etc.) becomes an integral part of
your customers' network management environment when an
SNMP Agent is running on it.

        We brings expertise in custom SNMP Agent
development, from the ground up or by porting an existing
implementation. We also assist in selecting an off-the-shelf
SNMP agent framework offering for faster startup.

        Custom SNMP Agent development includes the
supporting the appropriate Management Information Bases
(MIBs) for your solution:

  • standard MIBs such as MIB-II, RMON, and standard
    device MIBs
  • proprietary MIBs for specialized equipment (hub,
    router, modem, telephony, database, etc.)

Custom SNMP Management Station

The management application running on the Network
Management Station (NMS) is the primary and most visible
component responsible in performing network management
for the end user. Therefore it requires an intuitive, user
friendly, powerful and flexible graphical user interface (GUI).

        We can implement and integrate these solutions on the
most appropriate network management platforms, with current
state-of-the-art development tools and offerings. GTI can
design NMS solutions for the following areas:

  • monitoring of equipment
  • configuration of resources
  • fault finding and diagnostics
  • backup, archiving and reporting
  • statistics and baselining

Integration with Management Platforms

GTI can integrate your management applications into
currently prevalent Network Management Station platforms:
HP OpenView, SunNet Manager, IBM NetView and Network
Managers NMC Vision and prepare you for tomorrow's
environments (Tornado, Solstice, ...)




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